Play Blackjack in a Pragmatic Manner

TopGame was established in 2007 and quickly rose to prominence when it began providing its services to a diverse group of US-facing online casinos in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

Unfortunately, their software was connected to shady operators that had a reputation for providing bad customer care and having difficulties paying out winnings. They provided their services to a number of casinos that are no longer operational, including the 1920s Casino, Rialto, Vegas Nights, and Rome Casino.

Rome Casino has gained a particularly bad reputation since it was discovered to be providing players with TopGame slots that lacked wild symbols in several of the games. Rome neglected to remove the slots from their website when it became apparent that there was a problem, and TopGame came under fire for designing games that had bugs.

Additional problems existed inside TopGame’s internal operations, the most notable of which were the subpar quality of their customer service and the unstable nature of their software.

Given these issues, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that TopGame ran into some financial difficulties in 2015. The bankrupt business was then acquired by an investment firm based in Malta, which changed its name to Pragmatic Play.

In addition to the company’s recent rebranding, Pragmatic Play has received a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and has been shortlisted for awards by eGaming Review in both 2016 and 2017.

Because to the new ownership, the company’s reputation has been restored to its former glory. However, what really piques our curiosity is seeing how their blackjack games compare to those offered by other companies in the market.

In light of this, let’s take a look at some of the recurring features in their games, as well as their selection and some further information about the organization.

A General Overview of the More Pragmatic Way to Play Blackjack

Just the Three Games
When compared to other providers, Pragmatic Play only provides three different varieties of blackjack, which is around the lowest end of the spectrum.

Multi-hand blackjack, double exposure blackjack, and royale blackjack are some of the games that may be played. It would be inaccurate to suggest that Pragmatic provides three distinct games given that one of them is really a multi-hand variation of the original game.

We were aware going into this that Pragmatic Play is traditionally renowned for their slot machine games. On the other hand, it would be wonderful if they expanded the blackjack variety since these are the same versions that TopGame offers.

The visuals

The images and level of information that are included in each table change depending on whatever game you play. The following is a rundown of the differences that may be found in each game:

Multi-Hand Blackjack is the kind of the game that we find the least visually appealing due to the fact that the table is so simple. To be more specific, the details of the wooden frame are lacking, the blue felt occupies an excessive amount of the screen, and the colors are subdued. One thing that stands out to us about this rendition is how intricately detailed the stacks of chips that are in the backdrop seem to be.
Double Exposure – In contrast to multi-hand blackjack, the backdrop chips in double exposure seem lifeless and lack any significant level of depth. However, the overall appearance is much more pleasing since the wooden frame seems to be of higher quality and the green felt stands out.
Royale Blackjack – Since this table looks very much like the double exposure blackjack table, you may assume that we like playing the royale variation as well. Our only criticism is that the wooden frame doesn’t quite live up to our expectations.

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