Referring to Wolf Ridge

You might think of the Northern Lights, towering snow-covered peaks, and the Aurora Borealis as the central subject of Wolf Ridge, a terrific online slot game developed by IGT. This game comes with a number of innovative elements, such as a brilliantly animated howling wolf, as well as plenty of animals and breathtaking scenery to keep you entertained. Wolf Ridge is a slot machine with five reels, three rows and thirty fixed pay lines. As you play, snowflakes fall softly in the backdrop to provide the impression of a northern setting. While the lower values are represented by playing cards in orange, red, green, and dark blue, the higher values are represented by symbols of a wolf, large cats, raccoons, and antelopes. Additionally, a glittering blue gem is another symbol that represents the lower numbers. In addition to appearing on reels two, three, and four, the orange wild symbol may act as a substitute for any other symbol, with the exception of the extra wolf emblem.

Guide to the Game of Wolf Ridge

In addition to the basic arrangement of five reels and three rows, there are thirty pay lines that cannot be adjusted. This improves the whole experience. The following are some of the fantastic features that may be used to activate rewards and free games inside the game:

Prize Disc: This feature is an exciting key focus of the game. It means that if you land a scattered bonus wolf on any of the reels, you have the opportunity to activate the Prize Disc. In reality, this is a secondary reel that is located above the main grid and is responsible for coin winnings as well as free game triggers. The reward that is awarded is shown above the reel that the bonus wolf landed on whether it landed on reels one, three, or five.

There are ten free spins that are provided if the bonus wolf lands beneath the ‘free spins’ feature that is located on the Prize Disc. All of the reels will display the Prize Disc while the game is being played, and if any of them land below the ‘Extra Spins’ symbol, the player will receive two more spins, with a maximum of 250 spins being granted.

Rules & Statistics for Wolf Ridge

There are a variety of prizes available, ranging from fifty pence to one thousand pounds, and the game is locked at fifty coins every spin. This means that there are lots of opportunities for all wolf aficionados to participate in the fun. It is possible to make changes to the wager at any moment by clicking on the plus and minus symbols that are situated on each side of the bet amount. The return to player percentage (RTP) ranges from 92.11% to 96.05% based on the game. Once you have decided on the amount that you are content with, all you need to do is push the spin button, and the game will begin.

Exceptional Characteristics of Wolf Ridge

A fantastic howl is produced by the Wolf’s Head bonus symbol whenever it appears on any of the reels, including the first, third, and fifth reels in the regular game, as well as all of the reels in the bonus spin feature. The special feature is an additional reel that is located above the main reel. However, it does not become active until a bonus wolf symbol has hit on the reels that are located below it. When you reach this point in the game, Wolf Ridge becomes an exponentially more exciting experience. If the reel is equipped with an instant win amount and lands a wolf bonus symbol, you will be eligible to get the prize immediately. As the cash prize on the wheel is then doubled by three times the amount that is shown, the excitement can only continue to build. You should absolutely play Wolf Ridge since it has a lot of amazing features and winter settings that are quite evocative, plus you also have the opportunity to win some pretty nice rewards in the process!

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